Support for Cuba Engagement

U.S. agriculture 

  • Over 100 U.S. agriculture groups urged then President-elect Trump to continue to strengthen the U.S.-Cuba trade relationship. This letter highlights the broad and bipartisan support with U.S. agribusiness for expanding trade with Cuba.    

"Your support in removing outdated financing and trade barriers for exporting agricultural products to our island neighbor could significantly strengthen a U.S. industry which supports 17 million jobs across the country, and can provide the Cuban people with high-quality American-grown food," the organizations wrote.

National Association of Manufacturers

  • Last week, Jay Timmons, President & CEO, National Association of Manufacturers, wrote a blog post calling on Congress to repeal the U.S. travel and trade embargo on Cuba. 

"Economic engagement will benefit both countries. But in the case of Cuba, it will launch its citizens on a trajectory of greater prosperity, opportunity, and freedom....

"Manufacturers are committed to sharing with the Cuban people American values that will enrich the lives of all. Congress needs to listen, and to take action by repealing the trade embargo and lifting restrictions on travel once and for all."

U.S. National Security

  • Over a dozen retired U.S. military flag officers urged U.S. National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster to continue to normalize relations with Cuba in order to strengthen U.S. national security interests and regional stability in the Western Hemisphere. In a letter sent in April, the retired military officers urged the White House to prioritize U.S. national security as part of the Trump Administration's U.S-Cuba policy review. Two of the officers also published an op-ed in POLITICO on the subject.

"Cuba’s location in the Caribbean and proximity to the US make it a natural and strategically valuable partner on issues of immediate concern, including terrorism, border control, drug interdiction, environmental protections, and emergency preparedness," the retired flag officers wrote.

"If we fail to engage economically and politically, it is certain that China, Russia, and other entities whose interests are contrary to the United States’ will rush into the vacuum. We have an opportunity now to shape and fill a strategic void," the officers wrote.

Cuban entrepreneurs

  • A group of Cuban entrepreneurs released a letter signed by over 100 Cuban private business owners that was sent to then-President-elect Trump. The letter urges the President to continue to build on the progress of the last two years that has helped Cuba's private sector to flourish. 

"Reforms made by the U.S. government to allow for increased travel, telecom services and banking have helped substantially as we attempt to grow our businesses. An influx of American and Cuban American visitors stimulates growth for our businesses, directly and indirectly."

"Additional measures to increase travel, trade and investment, including working with the U.S. Congress to lift the embargo, will benefit our companies, the Cuban people and U.S. national interests."


  • 63% of Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade county support lifting the embargo, according to a FIU poll released Sep., 2016.
  • 75% of U.S. adults, including 62% of Republicans, approve of the decision last year to re-establish U.S. relations with Cuba. 73% of U.S. adults, including 62% of Republicans, favor ending the embargo against Cuba, according to a Dec 2016 Pew Poll.
  • 81% of Americans support expanded travel, including 71% of Republicans,  90% of Democrats and 80% of Independents, according to a July 2015 CBS poll
  • More info on polling available here.