Engage Cuba State Councils

Engage Cuba State Councils are a broad coalition of businesses and organizations, representing a diverse range of sectors including agriculture, tech, travel, manufacturing, construction, shipping, healthcare, and education. Members of our state councils recognize that improved relations between the U.S. and Cuba would be mutually beneficial for both the Cuban people and their states' economies. 

Advocacy group Engage Cuba hopes to end embargo, one state at a time

Fox News Latino: If the U.S. embargo on Cuba is lifted in the near future, one of the reasons why is starting to take shape right now in places that at first blush seem unlikely stakeholders in what happens between the two nations – Ohio, Tennessee, Louisiana and Minnesota. Coalitions to push for an end to trade and travel restrictions with Cuba have formed in those states thanks to an effort by Engage Cuba – a D.C.-based advocacy group that includes political operatives from both sides of the aisle, business leaders, industry groups and corporations like Choice Hotels, Comcast and P&G – to build a movement across the country for congressional action on ending the trade and travel ban.