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The Times and Democrat: 90 Years, 90 Miles: From Cuba to U.S.

“We’ve tried 50 years of something and, as the President said, (while speaking in Cuba), it doesn’t work,” said Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., one of a handful of Republicans who accompanied President Obama on his March trip to Cuba. The First District congressman harbors a strong libertarian streak and has long opposed the embargo against Cuba and its Communist leader Fidel Castro. Sanford was among the first to embrace Obama’s call for loosening travel restrictions to the island nation and renewing economic and political ties. 

WLTX: USC Sending Representatives to Cuba

This week The University of South Carolina is exploring opportunities with students in Cuba. They’re sending three faculty members and one administrator for a five day trip. They’ll be visiting University of Havana, University of Cienfuegos and Ministries of Higher Education and Tourism to explore opportunities for student and academic exchanges in the country. Wes Hickman, a USC’s spokesperson told News19, “this trip will look for opportunities to engage in a developing economy and may lead to partnerships in the future.” 

The Post and Courier: From Clemson to Cuba: Partnership Could See Study, Historic Preservation of Buildings, Culture

Charleston may soon export some of its experience and expertise in historic preservation to a place even older than the Holy City: Cuba. Scientists with Clemson’s Warren Lasch Conservation Center and professors with the Clemson/College of Charleston graduate program in historic preservation have met with Cuban officials about the possibility of a partnership to study and perhaps conserve some of the island’s historic sugar plantations. The plantations are part of a World Heritage Sit, and Clemson would like to help Cubans develop a plan to save some of those historic buildings — and Cuban culture.  




U.S. Air Force: JB Charleston Airmen Support Presidential Mission to Cuba

As President Barack Obama landed in Havana, Cuba, it marked the first time a sitting U.S. president visited the communist nation in over 88 years, and Airmen from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, played a pivotal role in the historic mission. Airmen from the 628th Air Base Wing, and 437th and 315th Airlift Wings provided everything from aircrew members, fuels, security and maintenance personnel, as well as financial and logistical support for the diplomatic endeavor. 

ABC Columbia: Sanford Picked for Cuba Delegation

U.S. Representative Mark Sanford (R-SC 1st District) will be among a handful of republicans traveling to Cuba with President Barack Obama. The former South Carolina governor has worked in the past to lift the travel ban between the U.S. and Cuba. The majority of those on the trip will be democrats. The delegation leaves on Sunday and returns Thursday. Sanford addressed the upcoming trip on his Facebook page[.]

Statehouse Report: BRACK: S.C. Can Learn a Few Things from Cuba

For as long as Americans not old enough to be in the AARP have been alive, Cuba has been a pariah, a non-democratic experiment whose embarrassing Soviet connections caused a geo-political chess game. But as Soviet regimes crumbled in the early 1990s, Cuba was left hanging, still isolated and cut off from its rich neighbor to the north. … Without getting into deep discussions over Cuba’s experiment with socialism, South Carolina may be able to learn a little from Cuba’s experiences over the last five decades.  

South Carolina's Champions

Representative Mark Sanford (R-SC-1) Sponsor of H.R. 351 Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act 2017 and cosponsor of H.R 442 Cuba Trade Act 2017

Representative Mark Sanford (R-SC-1)

Sponsor of H.R. 351 Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act 2017 and cosponsor of H.R 442 Cuba Trade Act 2017

Representative Jim Cyburn (D-SC-6)

Representative Jim Cyburn (D-SC-6)