Four More Democratic Presidential Candidates Come Out In Support Of Engagement With Cuba

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “We want to thank candidates Secretary Julián Castro, Congressman Eric Swalwell, Andrew Yang, and Marianne Williamson for sharing their positions on U.S. policy toward Cuba in Miami this week,” said James Williams, President of Engage Cuba.

“Now 23 of the 25 declared Democratic presidential candidates have told voters where they stand on U.S.-Cuba policy. There are just two candidates who have yet to take a public position on the issue -- Senator Cory Booker and Mayor Wayne Messam.”

“President Trump has returned to the same 60-year failed embargo policy that is devastating the Cuban people, dividing families, and hurting American interests. It is exciting to see so many in the Democratic field support a twenty-first century approach to U.S.-Cuba relations."

"We hope the moderators will raise U.S.-Cuba policy at the debate tonight, especially since Miami is home to roughly one million Cuban Americans who care deeply about this issue.”