Engage Cuba Statement on Trump's Expected Cuba Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, President of Engage Cuba, James Williams released the following statement on Trump's expected announcement to further restrict travel to and trade with Cuba:
"This policy was clearly written by people who have never been to Cuba, at least not in this century. Because if they had, they'd know that the only thing that restricting travel will do is devastate Cubans working in the private sector who have relied on American visitors to provide for their families.

"The idea that after 55 years of failure, going back to isolationist policies will produce any results is insane.

"This policy is not only a betrayal of President Trump's "America First" agenda and of his
campaign promise to remove job-killing regulations, but will be a huge blow to the Cuban people who will suffer as a result.

"It's a shame that President Trump listened to two hardline members of Congress instead of the majority of his Republican base, the majority of the American people and almost every single Cuban on the island. 

"This is bad policy, bad politics and bad for U.S. business."