New Poll: 6 in 10 Republicans support policies of Cuba engagement

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A new Morning Consult national poll, released today by Engage Cuba, shows that most Americans, including 6 in 10 Republicans, support policies that expanded travel to and trade with Cuba. The new poll, which surveys almost 2,000 registered voters from across the country and has a margin of error of +/-2, is released ahead of President Trump's new Cuba policy, which will be unveiled in Miami this Friday. 

According to the new poll, 65% of American voters support maintaining Obama-era Cuba policy, while only 18% oppose. Demonstrating the strong bipartisan support for Cuba engagement, the new poll finds that 64% of Republicans support maintaining policies that relaxed travel and trade restrictions on Cuba, as opposed to only 22% who oppose. 

The poll finds that a move to tighten restrictions on travel to and trade with Cuba would be largely unpopular within President Trump's Republican base.

"It's rare in this poisoned political environment that there is an issue that unites Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. The overwhelming support of the American people for continuing this policy of Cuba engagement should serve as a warning flag to President Trump. Such a reversal would hurt American jobs, add burdensome regulations on the business community and would be a huge blow to the Cuban people whose lives have improved because of these changes, including the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who have started their own private businesses," said President of Engage Cuba, James Williams.

"A decision to roll back these broadly supported policies could only mean backroom politics at its worst is rearing its ugly head. The political and personal interests of two Members of Congress should not outweigh the will of the American people and the best interests of Cubans on the island," he added. 

According to a Florida International University bi-annual poll released last September, 63% of Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade County -- the historic center of opposition to Cuba engagement -- support fully lifting the embargo.

Key findings of the new poll released today are available here and below. 

Key Findings:

Most American voters support Cuba engagement: 

  • 65% of American voters support maintaining Obama-era policy changes, while only 18% oppose.
  • 61% of American voters support fully lifting the trade and travel embargo, while only 19% oppose

Most Republican voters support Cuba engagement: 

  • 64% of Republican voters support maintaining Obama-era policy changes, while only 22% oppose.
  • 55% of Republican voters support fully lifting trade and travel embargo, while only 26% oppose.

On June 1, Engage Cuba released a report estimating that a reversal of Cuba policies would cost the U.S. economy $6.6 billion and affect 12,295 American jobs over the course of the first term of the Trump Administration. Obama Administration policies to loosen regulations on U.S. companies interested in doing business in Cuba have contributed to significant economic growth and job creation throughout the country. 

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