Engage Cuba Releases Short Film on Cuba's Growing Private Sector

During National Entrepreneurship Week, Engage Cuba today released Faces of Changea short film featuring the stories of Cuban entrepreneurs and Cuba's growing private sector. In interviews that took place in Havana, the Cuban entrepreneurs discuss how U.S. changes in Cuba policy have helped their businesses grow and improved the lives of the Cuban people. The two minute and thirty-five second film includes English and Spanish subtitles. 

"For too long, the voices of the Cuban people have not been heard in this debate. We hope to show the American people, Congress, and the Trump Administration that beyond business opportunities for U.S. companies, our Cuba policy affects real people. Moving towards a policy of engagement has done more to strengthen Cuba's private sector and improve the lives of the Cuban people in the last few years, than the last 55 years combined," said President of Engage Cuba, James Williams. "We have an opportunity to continue help facilitate real change on the island. Change that can continue to strengthen Cuba's private sector, support economic development across the island, and empower the Cuban people. It would be devastating for the Cuban people if we go back to our failed policy of isolation." 

The Cuban entrepreneurs featured in the film include: Robin Pedraja, Director, VISTAR Magazine; Jorge Leon, Owner of La Casa Azul B&B; Marla Recio, Founder, Havana Reverie; David Vasquez, Web Designer, Cachivache Media; and Yamina Vincente, Founder, Decorazon. 

In addition to the stories of Cuban entrepreneurs, the video details a letter signed by over 100 Cuban entrepreneurs that was sent to then President-elect Trump on Dec. 7, 2016. The letter urges President Trump to support Cuba's growing private sector by continuing to normalize relations with our island neighbor.  

More information on Cuba's growing private sector is available here.