2016 Florida International University Cuba Poll

The 2016 Florida International University Cuba Poll, How Cuban-Americans in Miami View U.S. Policies Towards Cuba, has been released. The results of the 2016 poll show growing support within Miami-Dade County's Cuban-American community to lift the travel and trade embargo on Cuba. 

Below is a quote from our president, James Williams: 

"Miami-Dade County has historically been the center of opposition to changing our Cuba policy. But two years ago, the firewall was broken when for the first time ever, a slight majority of Cuban-Americans in Miami supported lifting the embargo. 

"The fact that today, that number has continued to grow, and now 63% of Miami-based Cuban-Americans support lifting the embargo demonstrates just how far America has evolved on this issue. Momentum is building in communities across the country, it's time for Congress to join the right side of history and move to lift the travel and trade ban on Cuba as soon as possible." 

Key Findings:

  • A majority (63%) of Cuban-American residents of Miami-Dade County oppose continuing the U.S. embargo of Cuba.
  • Opposition to the embargo rises to 72% among Cuban Americans ages 18 to 59. Similarly, 79% of those arriving since 1995 oppose continuing the embargo. 
  • A large majority (69%) supported the decision to open diplomatic relations with Cuba, with younger respondents strongly backing the policy shift (87%). Those arriving since 1995 favor the policy shift by 91%. 
  • A large majority of the respondents (74%) favor the lifting of travel restrictions impeding all Americans from traveling to Cuba. 

The 2016 FIU Cuba Poll is available here. The 2014 FIU Cuba Poll is available here