Engage Cuba: Alabama Legislature Unanimous Call for Congress to Lift Cuban Embargo Is 'Significant'

WASHINGTON – Today, the state of Alabama became the latest state to call on Congress to listen to the majority of Americans from both parties to lift the Cuban trade embargo and normalize relations with the Island’s government. Senate Joint Resolution 43, introduced by State Senators Jabo Waggoner (R-Birmingham) and Vivian Davis Figures (D-Mobile), calls on Congress to lift the Cuban embargo. Senate Joint Resolution 43 passed both the majority Republican Alabama Senate and House of Representatives with unanimous support. Governor Robert Bentley is expected to sign the resolution shortly.
James Williams, President of Engage Cuba, released the following statement commending the resolution’s passage:
“Like Alabama-based Cleber LLC, which will be the first U.S. manufacturer in Cuba, the Alabama legislature is sending a loud and clear message that Alabama is paving the way for a new relationship with the Cuban people. Lifting the embargo and expanding commerce opportunities will benefit Alabama businesses and help improve the lives of the Cuban people. It is time for Washington to listen to the majority of Americans and Cubans to end the embargo. Engage Cuba applauds this significant step forward from the Alabama leadership.”
Engage Cuba is proud to support Alabama leaders who recognize that lifting the embargo and opening up trade with Cuba would benefit Alabama’s economy as well as the Cuban people. The resolution duly recognized Cleber LLC, an Alabama tractor company that will become to first U.S. company since 1959 to build a factory in Cuba.
Last October, Governor Bentley joined with governors of eight other states to call for an end to the embargo. Since 2001, Democratic and Republican state lawmakers in Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, and now Alabama have come together to press for lifting of the Cuban embargo, a policy change that is supported by the majority of Americans.