Engage Cuba Statement Ahead of President Obama's Travel to Cuba

WASHINGTON – When President Obama arrives in Cuba this weekend, Engage Cuba President James Williams will be in attendance to witness this historic visit and to promote the need for increased partnerships between the U.S. and Cuba.
James Williams, President of Engage Cuba, who previewed the five most significant and symbolic items anticipated next week in Cuba, released the following statement ahead of the President’s visit:
“This visit by President Obama is truly historic and opens up a new chapter in our relationship with Cuba. As the majority of Americans agree with the U.S. reestablishing normal ties with our Cuban neighbors, this trip is a critical step forward in our policy of constructive dialogue. Now it is up to the Congressional delegation accompanying President Obama on this trip to come back with a strong message for their colleagues that the time to end the embargo is now.”

Engage Cuba has released the following background memos on U.S.-Cuba relations including: