Engage Cuba Applauds Regulatory Changes to Ease Travel and Trade Restrictions on Cuba

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, President of Engage Cuba James Williams, released the following statement on the Obama Administration's sixth round of regulatory changes to Cuba sanctions which will increase scientific collaboration and joint medical research, expand existing authorizations for grants and humanitarian-related services, increase people-to-people contact, and help private sector growth in Cuba:

"For over 55 years, the embargo has been an abject failure. We have known for over half a century that isolation doesn't work, but now the American and Cuban people know that engagement does. We have seen tremendous changes that have benefited the Cuban people following the re-establishment of diplomatic relations and easing of travel and trade restrictions.

"Today's announcement will build on the progress that has been made to further strengthen the ties between our two nations that have opened opportunities for U.S. companies in Cuba, empowered the Cuban people, and made it easier for Cuban-Americans to visit their loved ones.  

"Cuba's healthcare system has achieved renown for its world-class doctors and medical breakthroughs. There's no telling what could be accomplished from a thriving partnership between Cuba and the United States, the world's most advanced medical market. U.S. companies have the resources needed to work with Cuba to develop innovative testing and discover new treatments. This change in U.S. policy could literally save lives. Now it's time for Congress to lift the U.S. embargo that is stifling innovation in healthcare."

More information on the changes that will be effective on Monday, October 17, is available here.