Statement from Engage Cuba on Announcement that U.S. and Cuban Embassies Will Re-open

WASHINGTON – James Williams, President of Engage Cuba, released the following statement on the announcement that the United States Department of State and the Cuban government have reached an agreement to re-open their respective embassies:

“We applaud this important step in bringing the U.S. and Cuba closer together, and urge Congress to hasten the day when American travelers and companies have the freedom to engage with one of our nearest neighbors. Opening embassies in Washington and Havana is an important step toward the day when Americans can make their own decisions on where they travel, and our businesses can compete with the rest of the world. We are making history by making it clear that America’s engagement isn’t a concession, it is a show of strength and the best way to promote our values and create opportunities for both Americans and the Cuban people.

A vast majority of the American people – and 97% of the Cuban people – support re-establishing diplomatic relations. Today is a great day for the American and Cuban people who seek a brighter future for their two countries. After 54 years of a failed Cold war policy, better days finally lie ahead.”

James Williams, President of Engage Cuba, will be traveling to Havana on Thursday and will be visiting the soon-to-be embassy to celebrate this historic moment.