Statement from Engage Cuba on Sen. Moran's Cuba Trade Bill

WASHINGTON – James Williams, President of Engage Cuba, released the following statement ahead of Republican Senator Jerry Moran's introduction of historic legislation to overhaul the trade embargo with Cuba:

"This is a major development and builds on the continued momentum of Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s bill to end the travel ban with Cuba, which now has 40 co-sponsors in the Senate. A growing bipartisan group of senators continues to lead the way in forging a new U.S.-Cuba policy that has been an undeniable failure for over 50 years. If we want to do more than just claim to support the Cuban people, we should heed the 96% of them who want the US to end the trade embargo. We applaud Senators Moran and King for supporting the best interests of the American and Cuban people."

More on the legislation can be found here:

With efforts to lift the Cuban embargo stalled in Congress, Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran will try to break the stalemate on Thursday by offering new legislation designed to win over his reluctant Republican colleagues...Pro-trade forces have made some inroads in advocating for their position. And pro-travel forces might even have majority support in the Senate...

“What this bill does is take away one of the unnecessary criticisms of dealing with Cuba, which is you’re just going to allow U.S. taxpayers to fund the sale of agriculture products, commodities to Cuba,” Moran said.

“What we’re saying is if the market is there, if Cuba can acquire the necessary financing, that’s a great development for American business and for American agriculture,” he said, “but the criticism that we’re subsidizing those sales disappears in our legislation.” (McClatchy Washington Bureau)