Engage Cuba Applauds Governors' Leadership

This week, Engage Cuba is reflecting on the 55th anniversary of the Cuban Embargo. It has been a year full of rapid change to U.S.-Cuba relations. This year more than ever we are reminded how little the embargo policy has done to help the American or Cuban people.

Last week, Engage Cuba was thrilled to be part of a coalition effort with the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba to encourage governors around the U.S. to publicly call on Congress to end the embargo. Read the full letter here.

The governors of nine states took the unprecedented step of signing a bipartisan letter highlighting the harm that the embargo has done to American agriculture exports to a country 90 miles off our coast. The governors of Alabama, California, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and Washington agree that their states stand to benefit from a policy change. In their letter they stated that "Cuba has become an important market for many American agricultural commodities ... but a sustainable trade relationship cannot be limited to one sector or involve only one-way transactions."

As we continue our work to activate states around the country in the campaign to lift the embargo, we are heartened by steady bipartisan progress. We look forward to continued engagement.