Pennsylvania State Council

David Argall, Policy Committee Chair, Pennsylvania Senate

Jim Cawley, Former Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Deno DeCiantis, Former Director, The Pennsylvania State University Center Pittsburgh

Pam DeLissio, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

James Diamond, Former Dean, Delaware Valley University

Mike Diven, Former Representative, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Jennifer Eckinger, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Winery Association

Jim Ferlo, Former State Senator; President, Pittsburgh-Cuba Partnership

Rich Fitzgerald, County Executive, Allegheny County

Kurt Fuchs, Government Affairs Officer, MidAtlantic Farm Credit

Vince Gasteb, VP of Government Affairs, Allegheny County Airport Authority

Jack Gombach, Manager of Public Policy Outreach, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

Chris Heck, President, Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

Jay Howes, Former Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture, Pennsylvania Association of Dairy Cooperatives

Robert Hurley, Director, Allegheny County Department of Economic Development

Dave McElhaney, Board Member, National Institute for Animal Agriculture

Mathew Meals, AgChoice Farm Credit

Tom Mehaffie, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

John Nichols, Professor Emeritus of International Affairs, The Pennsylvania State University

Donna Oberlander, Republican Policy Committee Chair, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Mike Pries, County Commissioner, Dauphin County

Greg Rothman, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Joe Scarnati, President Pro Tempore, Pennsylvania Senate

Lisa Valenti, Pittsburgh-Cuba Partnership

Elder Vogel, Pennsylvania Senate

Judy Wojanis, Former CEO, Wojanis Hydraulics

Dennis Wolff, Former Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Western Pennsylvania leaders explore potential in Cuba

In the streets of Havana, alongside exquisite architecture, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald saw ways Pittsburgh could help. Crumbling buildings, peeling paint and sagging infrastructure showed decades of neglect. 

WITF: Pennsylvania and Cuba start talking about boxing, baseball exchange  

In the past six months, it's become easier for Americans to travel to Cuba, as the Obama administration eased restrictions. Now, Pennsylvania sees an opening as well. In the 1970's, it was known as ping pong diplomacy with China. Teams would play matches in both the U.S. and China, and the effort is credited with helping thaw relations. 

Politics PA: Doyle to visit Cuba

Congressman Mike Doyle, of PA’s 14th District, has announced that he will be traveling to Cuba this week to explore potential partnerships between Cuba and Southwestern Pennsylvania. 




The Patriot-News: Pa. Farmers Need a Fair Shake in Cuba

Long before the U.S. and Cuba restored diplomatic ties in 2015, there was Pennsylvania. For decades, Pennsylvania and Cuba had cultivated a robust connection built on trade and cultural exchange.

Reading Eagle: Pennsylvania State Senator Wants U.S. to Open up to Cuba for Trade

The Engage Cuba Coalition, an advocacy group working to open trade and travel between the U.S. and Cuba, says the longtime embargo on Cuba is hurting Pennsylvania farmers and businesses. 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania Businesses Join Effort to Loosen Cuba trade Restrictions

State organizations represent an important part of the strategy, and Pennsylvania is now the 18th state council of Engage Cuba.

The Morning Call: PA farmers stand to gain as U.S. expands trade with Cuba

According to news reports after the 2004 trade trip, Pennsylvania was the first Northeastern state to sign an agricultural trade agreement with Cuba since the trade embargo was enacted 50 years ago. Now, with United States policy towards Cuba in a state of change, Pennsylvania farmers could see more exports to the island nation.

U.S. Senate: Statement in support of the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act from Sen. Bob Casey

On May 10, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) announced his cosponsorship of the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act, supporting unrestricted travel from the United States to Cuba.



Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA)   Cosponsor of  Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA)

Cosponsor of Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act

Representative GT Thompson (R-PA-15)   Cosponsor of  H.R. 525 Cuba Agricultural Export Act

Representative GT Thompson (R-PA-15)

Cosponsor of H.R. 525 Cuba Agricultural Export Act