New Jersey & Cuba in the News Opinion: This winter N.J. can benefit from a trade thaw with Cuba

History was made when President Obama called for an end to the Cuban trade embargo in his final State of the Union. It's a topic deserving of attention, especially because of what a policy change on U.S. trade with Cuba could mean for the people of New Jersey and for businesses operating in the Garden State.

Star Ledger Editorial Board: End the Cuban travel ban

Granted, there are times when an economic embargo makes sense, such as in the case of South Africa during the Apartheid era, or Iran today. But in those cases, the embargoes had global support. In Cuba, we are all alone. The embargo does not have enough teeth to bring down the Castro regime, and in fact has provided a convenient alibi for the poverty caused by its misrule. On the international scene, it has done more to isolate the United States than Havana.