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department of environmental quality: Governor Bullock Encourages End to Trade Sanctions with Cuba

Citing economic opportunities for agriculture producers, Governor Steve Bullock wrote a letter to Congressional leadership encouraging them to normalize trade relationships with Cuba. “Ending the embargo will create jobs here at home, especially in rural America, and will create new opportunities for U.S. agriculture,” Bullock said in the letter. “Expanding trade with Cuba will further strengthen our nation’s agriculture sector by opening a market of 11 million people just 90 miles from our shores, and continue to maintain the tremendous momentum of U.S. agricultural exports, which reached a record $152 billion in 2014.”

sidney herald: Farm Bureau president gives testimony on trade with Cuba

Montana Farm Bureau Federation president Dave McClure presented testimony Tuesday to the Senate Finance Committee on the benefits of promoting and establishing trade with Cuba. "Economically speaking, American farmers should have the same equal access to the Cuban market as our foreign competitors," noted McClure, who recently returned from a Montana agricultural producer trade meeting in Cuba organized by Sen. Max Baucus. "In today's global economy numerous countries compete for foreign agricultural export sales. Shutting off Cuban markets to our exports simply means our competitors step in and supply that market."

great falls tribune: Fans seek money to bring top Cuban choir to Montana

Great Falls community activist Kerry Callahan Bronson is excited about President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Cuban and thinks there is a good possibility that Montana could become one of the first states to receive a touring group of ordinary Cubans this summer. The group combines classical music with an ample dose of “infectious Afro/Latin/island music that is unique to Cuban,” she said. Back in Montana, the sisters met with other residents who marveled after hearing the same choir perform on their own trips.

kgvo newstalk: montana governor steve bullock pushes for more trade with cuba

Montana Governor Steve Bullock issued a statement today urging Montana’s congressional delegation to help end the embargo against Cuba. Bullock said that getting rid of the embargo will strengthen the nation’s agriculture sector and Montana Grain Growers Association Vice President Lola Raska agrees. “We were really happy to see that the governor was stepping in there and trying to effect that policy,” Raska said. “We as the Montana Grain Growers Association has had policy on our books for many years supporting normalizing trade relations with Cuba. We’re thrilled that the governor is taking a stand on that.”

high plains journal: Montana GGA president assists in Cuba trade deal

Herb Karst, president of the Montana Grain Growers Association and a barley and wheat producer from Sunburst, was part of a Congressional delegation that inked a trade deal that could be worth millions to Montana producers. The delegation, lead by U.S. Senator Max Baucus and Congressman Denny Rehberg, participated in the signing of a letter of agreement to purchase up to $10 million worth of Montana products, including wheat, malting and feed barley, live cattle and dry beans.

billings gazette: Normalized relations with Cuba could be a plus for Montana farmers

Montana farmers were watching closely as President Barack Obama announced plans Wednesday to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. Cuba was a top buyer of U.S. farm products before the United States cut ties with the nation in 1963. The country located about 100 miles off the Florida coast imports most of its food, the USDA estimates. “We’re pleased with the president’s announcement. It’s actually something we’ve been working on since, wow, maybe since the embargo went into place in the '60s,” said Tim McGreevy, U.S. Dry Pea and Lentil Council CEO.

Senator Steve Daines (R-MN) Cosponsor of S 1287 Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act

Senator Steve Daines (R-MN)

Cosponsor of S 1287 Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act

Senator Jon Tester (D-MN) Cosponsor of S 1287 Freedom for American to Travel to Cuba Act

Senator Jon Tester (D-MN)

Cosponsor of S 1287 Freedom for American to Travel to Cuba Act