indianapolis star: indiana businesses see opportunity in cuba, but obstacles remain

Jane Ade Stevens, CEO of the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the Indiana Corn Growers Association, said the Cuba trip showed her the opportunities to sell pork, poultry and dairy products to the Cubans, which would help Indiana’s grain growers. “It will be a nice opportunity for companies once the embargo is lifted,” she said. “We’d like to see it open because our farmers grow more and more corn and soybeans, and the rest of the world is becoming middle class. When that happens, they start to eat more protein, so they need more corn and soybeans to feed livestock.”

brownfield ag news: cuba provides opportunity for indiana agriculture

An Indiana farmer says Cuba is a potential bright spot for US agricultural exports. During his recent trip to the country, Indiana farmer and Indiana Farm Bureau president Don Villwock says he asked a member of the Cuban Embassy where the country needed the most help.  “He said eggs – and that set off a lot of great ideas and thoughts for me,” he says.  “Indiana is the third largest egg state and we could furnish that market very, very easily.”

indiana daily student: indiana farmers travel to cuba to explore potential for trade

As the United States and Cuba begin to improve relations, Indiana farmers said they are hoping to find a new market in the Caribbean nation. In late September, a group of Indiana and Michigan organizations traveled to Cuba to explore trading options, said Bob White, an agricultural business specialist for the Indiana Farm Bureau’s public policy team. “We wanted to see what the lay of the land was, so to speak, as far as trading,” White said. “There are other countries that are trading with Cuba, and the way the regulations are being eased in the U.S., it’s likely that in a few years Cuba will be a trading partner with the U.S.”

Indiana public media: could indiana find an agricultural trading partner in cuba?

Indiana agricultural experts are taking a look at establishing a trade relationship with Cuba. A delegation of more than a dozen experts will travel to the country next week to meet with farmers and trade officials and explore trade opportunities. Indiana Farm Bureau President Don Villwock says poultry such as frozen chickens and turkeys are in high demand in the island nation — and that’s not the only kind of food he says Cuba is consuming in large quantities. “They presently are the 13th largest corn customer in the world, so we think we have a chance to expand on that,” he says.

hoosier ag today: agriculture trade on the agenda during obama cuba visit

“We have not had people on the ground,” Vilsack said. “We need to develop relationships with the people in Cuba so we know who to do business with and who actually makes the deals.” Vilsack, who visited Cuba last month, said state agricultural commissioners and secretaries have also been traveling to the island on trade missions. Last year, representatives of the Indiana Farm Bureau, agribusiness firms, and the Indiana Soybean Alliance witnessed a shortage of food on store shelves and rusted-out Russian tractors during a September trip to the island, which was once the ninth-largest importer of U.S. agricultural products.

clinton county daily news: indiana farmers praise strengthened cuban ties

“Indiana soybean farmers are encouraged by steps toward normalized relations with Cuba. Embassies are an important key to strengthening economic relations between our countries. We’re hopeful recent actions will ultimately lead to an end to the embargo and increased economic opportunity for soybeans in both our nations. Soybean farmers continue to call on Congress to pass legislation to level the playing field for farmers and the products we grow. We can’t afford to lose on this prime market, just 90 miles from our border, any longer.”

Senator Joe Donnelly (D) Co-Sponsor of S. 299 Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015

Senator Joe Donnelly (D)

Co-Sponsor of S. 299 Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015

Representative Jim Banks (R) Co-sponsor of H.R. 442 Cuba Trade Act of 2017

Representative Jim Banks (R)

Co-sponsor of H.R. 442 Cuba Trade Act of 2017