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Tampa Bay Times: Tampa Bay Area Starts to Feel Sting of Trump Policies to Reverse Engagement with Cuba

The University of Tampa is bringing scholars to campus next week to learn the history of Tampa’s role in the Cuban War of Independence. But Cubans now must travel to a third country to obtain a U.S. travel visa. That proved too pricey for one Havana professor booked as a lecturer at the event, so he cancelled.

Doral Tribune (Miami): Diaz-Balart: We Must Find a Way to Improve Consular Access for Cuban Nationals

“This week, I sent a letter to Secretary Pompeo requesting that he assess ways to improve consular services for Cuban nationals not associated with the regime.”

Fort Meyers News-Press: Can You Still Travel to Cuba? Yes. And a Fort Myers Chef Can Get You There.

"These are the people it's hurting. The government will always have money. The people will be the ones who hurt."

Orlando Sentinel: Visit to Cuba Was Pleasant, Eye-Opening

“In 2013, we were very fortunate to have joined a People to People bus tour of Cuba. We had 12 days of amazing memories.”

Miami Herald: Learn About Cuba While Sipping Rum Cocktails on Miami’s New ‘Rum Train’

During the tour, lovers of Cuban culture will get to know the historical links between Cuba and Miami through narrations provided by the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society, while tasting the most iconic Cuban cocktails.

WLRN: Iconic Cuban Illustrator Gets First Exhibition In Miami, Over 50 Years After Death

As an illustrator and publisher, Conrado Wilson Massaguer helped sear the image of Cuba as a tropical paradise into the minds of American tourists in the first half of the 20th century, until the Cuban Revolution. It's an image that lives on in reprints of his works that line the walls of countless Cuban-American family homes.

Sun Sentinel: Readers Sound Off on Trump Administration Stopping Cruise Ships to Cuba

First, it hurts Florida’s economy. Second, cruise ship travel created the ability for a door to stay slightly open between our neighbor 90 miles off our shore. It gave the Cuban people the chance to meet and talk with Americans and see what we are about, and possibly improve relations.

News Service of Florida: Former Governors Split on Cuba

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, released a joint statement with U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., opposing Trump’s move. They also noted the impact on Florida’s cruise industry. “Banning U.S. cruise lines and most Americans from traveling to Cuba hurts Florida’s economy and is a major step backwards for U.S.-Cuba policy,” the statement said. “The American people are our best ambassadors for spreading democracy and freedom.”

WJCT: ‘They’re Late To This’: Cubans In Miami React To Internet Access To Be Allowed On The Island

The announcement was received with mixed feelings by the Cuban American community in Miami. For some, it's an effort that comes too late. Others are worried that changes won't be far-reaching. 

Tampa Bay Times (Opinion): Really, Miami? Tampa Lays Rightful Claim to the Cuban Sandwich

A clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle reignites a debate over which city owns the Cuban sandwich. No contest, Sue Carlton says.

Miami Herald: New Little Havana Restaurant Wants to Take You Back to 1940s Cuba (And Feed You Seafood)

Located on Calle Ocho - where else? - Sala’o Cuban Bar & Pescaderia opens May 27, and with it comes a slice of 1940s Havana.

Miami Herald: Cuban ambassador tours Key West to celebrate common culture

Key West welcomed a Cuban diplomat this week with an official proclamation that deems Cuba and Key West “sister islands.”

WLRN (Listen): Fort Lauderdale Mayor On Soccer Stadium, Food Halls & 'Cuba Nostalgia' Event

The Tropicana cabaret, the Prado Boulevard, and the Havana Cathedral are all iconic Cuban landmarks. Along with other experiences, they will be recreated at an event this weekend, called "Cuba Nostalgia." The Executive Producer of Cuba Nostalgia Peter Regalado joined Sundial to talk about the event and what it means to teach South Florida's younger Cuban population about Cuba's history. 

Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board: Don’t Cut U.S.-Cuba Baseball Ties

For decades under the island’s communist regime, Cuban baseball players have risked their lives to seek freedom and careers in the United States. A new agreement between Cuba and Major League Baseball raised hopes that those dangerous journeys could draw to an end. But only months after being announced, the deal could be unraveling, thanks in part to the backward politics of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. This is a humanitarian mistake that only punishes innocent families.

Office of Rep. Kathy Castor: U.S. Rep. Castor Meets with Cuban President, Stresses Importance of Continued Dialogue and Engagement

Tampa Bay Times: Florida Aquarium Continues Coral Restoration Research in Cuba

Adventure Sports Network: 3 Kayakers Paddle From Cuba to Florida to Promote Open Borders

Miami Herald: Meet the New Rick Scott, Cuba Guru (Not!)

Palm Beach Post: Ports deserve state support in dealing with Cuba

Miami Herald: Frozen chicken, Chocolate bars: it might surprise you what Florida ports send to Cuba

LA Times: Obama's Cuba decision follows change in attitudes in Florida

Sun Sentinel: US Airlines Propose Cuba Flights from South Florida

South Florida Business Journal: What the Latest Rules on Cuba Mean for South Florida

Miami Herald: Cuban fishermen call on more collaboration with U.S. to preserve marine life

Tampa Bay Times: Florida aquarium plays roles in historic Cuba talks this week

AP: Florida bank issues first U.S. credit card for use in Cuba

Tampa Bay Times: Keep pushing for Tampa flights

Fox News Latino: Cuban environmental delegation visits Florida coral reefs, sees U.S. effort at restoration

St. Augustine Record: Cuban port official invites Gov. Scott to visit island nation

Panama City News Herald: A lonely port in a twitter storm

Sun Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott's tweets hurt Florida's ports

The New York Times: Why the Cuba Issue No Longer Cuts Against Democrats in Florida

The Maritime Executive: Port Tampa Bay looks to Cuba for cruise business

The Christian Science Monitor: Why a U.S. mayor plans to raft from Cuba to Florida

The Tampa Tribune: Cuba poised to slash landing fees as commercial flights near

CBS Miami: American Airlines now selling tickets for flights to Cuba

Orlando Sentinel: U.S. Department of Transportation awards first commercial service to Cuba

Representative Kathy Castor (D-FL-14)

Representative Kathy Castor (D-FL-14)