Bipartisan Coalition “Engage Cuba” Launches Activities in U.S.

Latin American Herald Tribune

WASHINGTON – The bipartisan coalition “Engage Cuba,” an organization supporting an end to the U.S. embargo on the island, on Tuesday officially began its activities in Washington to promote policies to foster an opening toward Havana and increase the pressure on Congress for legislation to that effect.

New Group Enjoys Thaw in U.S.-Cuba Relations With a Party

New York Times

By: Jackie Calmes

The American travel and trade bans against Cuba are older than the 52-year-old senator Jeff Flake – “so yesterday,” he likes to chide his younger Senate colleague Marco Rubio, who opposes ending the bans yet campaigns for president as a new-generation candidate declaring, “Yesterday is over!”

On Cuba, a Bipartisan Path Emerges

The Hill    

By: James Williams, Luke Albee, and Steven Law

In Washington it used to be that elected officials could vigorously spar in the halls of Congress, but then put partisanship aside to solve important problems or just meet together over a meal. It’s not easy to build consensus and goodwill on tough issues, but it’s what most Americans expect of their government. While there are plenty of big fights still to be had, bipartisan progress is clearly emerging on an unlikely issue: Cuba policy.

Major U.S. Companies Support New Group That Will Lobby to Lift Sanctions Against Cuba

Miami Herald

By: Nora Gámez Torres

Cargill, Procter & Gamble, Caterpillar, and other major U.S. companies have thrown their support behind Engage Cuba, a bipartisan coalition that formally began operating out of the nation’s capital this week and will focus on lobbying Congress to lift restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba.

The Bank That Took a Risk and Helped Clear the Way to Reopen Cuba

Bloomberg Business

By: Indira Lakshmanan

When Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced in December that their nations would restore relations after more than half a century, neither side guessed the biggest obstacle to reopening the Cuban embassy in Washington would be finding a bank willing to do business with Cuba.