US Organizations Criticize New Measures Against Cuba

US organizations favorable to the rapprochement with Cuba today criticized the new measures announced by the administration of Donad Trump against the Caribbean country and warned of its negative consequences for the people of the island.At the same time, they denounced that both the application of Title III of the controversial Helms-Burton Law, as well as the new restrictions on travel by the Americans and the limits to sending remittances to the Caribbean nation, are mainly focused on the aspirations for reelection of Trump. The president is doing this for one reason only: to appease hard-liners in South Florida before the 2020 election, Engage Cuba coalition president James Williams said in a statement.

According to the headline, the trips of the Americans and the remittances are fundamental for the entrepreneurs of the private sector in the island. 'These restrictions are a cruel betrayal and a knife in the back of Cuban civil society and the prospects of a growing independent private sector.' 

Williams described as hypocritical the position of the Republican leader to appeal to the issue of human rights to justify the measures, when his administration approaches governments with strong accusations on the matter, and noted that Trump 'tried for years to open a hotel and a resort of golf in Cuba.

In turn, Collin Laverty, president of the specialized travel company Cuba Educational Travel, said it is sad to see Cubans and Americans suffer because the head of the White House has left his policy in the hands of South Florida lawmakers.

These changes will push back American interests on the island for years, and will hurt American businesses and travelers, and millions of families who live there, he said.

'The only winners here are a handful of members of Congress and those caught in the past who support them,' Laverty added.

For him, the losers with these ads are millions of Cubans inside and outside the Caribbean country, and the vast majority of Americans who support the approach to Cuba. 'The hypocrisy and the counterproductive nature of the approach are disturbing'.

The president of the Center for Democracy in the Americas, Emily Mendrala, also estimated that with these moves Trump makes a policy statement on Cuba in one of the most recognized hinge states in the country, with a view in 2020.

Our policies towards Cuba have been erroneous for a long time, but in spite of that, and despite a 60 year history of failures, this administration is duplicating the isolation and, in doing so, it is causing great pain to the Cuban people, affirmed.

The polls are clear, Mendrala added, Americans want to travel to Cuba, want to explore business opportunities and want to do so without fear of reprisals from their government.

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