National Security Adviser John Bolton said the administration will add more than two dozen new entities to the Cuba restricted list. He announced the move during a speech in Miami on Thursday in which he listed Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua as members of the “Troika of Tyranny” among Latin American nations. Bolton provided no detail on which entities would be added to the list.

The additions to the restricted list would come almost a year after the initial list was published. The Trump administration action represented a reversal on some of the Obama administration’s policies that opened up Cuba and allowed U.S. companies more freedom to make certain investments and lifted some travel restrictions. Trump last year rolled back some of those travel policies and barred U.S. companies or people from engaging in transactions with GAESA, the business arm of the Cuban military that controls most of the hotels on the island.

Proponents of a more open Cuba trade policy criticized the addition of more entities to the list: “Expanding this list is another slap in the face to Cuban entrepreneurs, whose restaurants, Airbnbs, and other services have suffered over the past year as American travel and investor confidence have both declined,” James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, said in a statement.

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