Prensa Latina: Trump's Cuba Policy to Affect U.S. Travelers and Companies

Prensa Latina

The Engage Cuba coalition noted today that the changes announced by President Donald Trump regarding his Cuba policy will affect U.S. citizens interested in traveling to the neighboring island.

The confusion that will surround this policy will undoubtedly reduce the demand, as by demanding that U.S. citizens travel to Cuba in groups, the administration will make those visits more expensive, Engage Cuba President James Williams said in a communiqué.

At the same time, opening to trade with Cuba has allowed U.S. companies to establish themselves in a growing market that is 90 miles away and to create jobs nationwide.

Given the interrelation of the Cuban economy, these new restrictions to U.S. companies might hinder a progress that would account for billions of dollars for the U.S. economy, added the press release.

In addition, the communiqué said that it is contradictory that Trump expresses his wish to support the private sector in Cuba and makes decisions like preventing individual travels to Cuba, because generally, private houses cannot accommodate large groups of travelers.

If the objective is to support the Cuban entrepreneurs, adding the regulations that kill U.S. businesses and increase the resources allocated by the government to investigate those who visit our neighbor is not the answer,' Williams said.

According to Williams, in order to design a policy that really benefits the Cuban people, it is indispensable that those who make it travel to Cuba to understand fully how the economy and the private sector work.

The speech was today, tomorrow will start working again, said the president of the coalition, which is made up of companies, organizations and local leaders from the United States who promote an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba.