Prensa Latina: Trump to Reverse Measures to Approach Cuba Despite Great Opposition

Prensa Latina


Washington, Jun 16 (Prensa Latina) President Donald Trump will announce today some changes to Cuba policy that contradict the wishes and interests of many sectors and the majority of U.S. citizens.

The president will arrive in the city of Miami, in south Florida, today at noon ready to revert different aspects of the measures to approach to the island boosted by his predecessor, Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Although in recent days Republican and Democratic lawmakers, business leaders, travel companies and Cuban-Americans, among other circles, have asked the president to keep the course of the rapprochement, details cited by local media state that their voices will not be heard.

According to and The New York Times, which said having seen the draft of an executive order by the president, its content is focused on restricting trips to the island and commercial transactions with Cuban state companies.

The announcement, scheduled for 1:00 pm local time at a Miami theater, is intended to reaffirm the effectiveness of the Washington-imposed economic, commercial and financial blockade on the Caribbean country 55 years ago.

U.S. travelers could make payments to the private sector, but will be unable to resort to many lodgings or services run by state-owned enterprises.

A tightening of the requirements that those interested in visiting the Caribbean island should be complied with, who will have to prove their membership to one of the categories of travel authorized and go to the neighboring territory as part of a group, and not individually, is also expected. stated that the Trump administration would request a full schedule of the activities the Americans will develop on the island. They will have to focus on 'a meaningful interaction with the Cubans.' 

According to James Williams, president of the Engage Cuba coalition, the policy the president will announce was clearly written by people who have never visited the Caribbean nation, 'at least not in this century.' 

It is a shame that he has listened two hardline members of the Congress rather than most of his Republican members, the American people and almost all Cubans on the island, he lamented alluding the way Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart pressured Trump.