Congressman Believes US Entrepreneurs can “Help Shape” Reform in Cuba

Marti Noticias

The American politician indicated that "Cuba is a fertile ground for the American investors.” In the 45-minute teleconference that Mr. Crawford spoke to was James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, who is seeking an end to the US embargo on the island. Crawford promoted legislation in the US Congress last January, Law 525, known as the Agricultural Exports Act to Cuba , whose main objective is the North American agricultural export to the island, as well as the delivery of credits to Cuban clients . However, the project has encountered strong opposition among Cuban-American congressmen in Miami. Last February, Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Republican John Boozman again introduced the bill for the Expansion of Agricultural Exports , the first one related to Cuba that comes after Donald Trump's arrival at the White House. Currently, US companies are prohibited from offering credit to Cuban entities because of the US embargo on the island, in force since 1960.