Ohio Agribusiness Association : Travel to Cuba with Ohio Trade Delegation in May

4 Traders

Ohio agribusiness leaders are invited to join a trade delegation traveling to Cuba in May. The Ohio delegation will include an agricultural focus, as well as business opportunities for Ohio companies in other sectors such as health care, higher education, infrastructure, energy and alternative energy and exports of manufactured and consumer goods.

The highly productive itinerary will include meetings with U.S. Embassy officials, touring the Port of Mariel and special economic development zone, meetings with foreign ambassadors, Cuban entrepreneurs, and relevant Cuban Ministries overseeing business sectors.

The delegation will be accompanied by Ohio-Cuba expert and attorney Luis Alcalde of Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter. Alcalde, a graduate of The Ohio State University, has spent years working on U.S. - Cuba legal and business relations and is a member of the Engage Cuba Ohio Council.

The trade mission will provide an intensive education on Cuba's business climate, U.S. - Cuba business and political relations and the current state of U.S. regulations on Cuba.

While many U.S. companies have begun to do business in Cuba following U.S. regulatory changes that have eased travel and trade restrictions on Cuba, the new Trump Administration will be negotiating the future U.S.-Cuba relationship. However, the past two years have seen such a significant return of American companies and the new Administration will need to consider the impact on them.

If you are interested in traveling with the delegation to Cuba, contact Chris Henney at 614-326-7520 or chenney@oaba.net for more information.