Second Try on Credit for Cuba

Arkansas Online

By: Frank Lockwood

"We want to see trade with Cuba. We think it's a great market for us, so we're doing everything we can to try to get that trade opened up," said Arkansas Farm Bureau President Randy Veach. For trade to flourish, however, the prohibitions on credit must be lifted, he said. "That's one of the basic things that we've got to get done. It's actually one of the most important things," he added. James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, said Thursday's letter to Trump shows that there is broad support for increasing trade between the two countries. The Washington-based nonprofit group, which has made ending the credit ban one of its policy priorities, describes itself as "the leading coalition of private companies and organizations working to end the travel and trade embargo in Cuba." "The American agriculture community, and Arkansas is a leader in this, is unified in pushing President-elect Trump to support American agriculture by maintaining and expanding trade in Cuba," he said. Williams said his coalition was "firmly supportive" of Crawford's legislation when it was introduced the first time and will continue to work to eliminate barriers to U.S. agriculture sales in Cuba.