Trump, in Tweet, Threatens to ‘Terminate’ Thaw in U.S.-Cuba Relations

Wall Street Journal

By: Felicia Schwartz

A full-scale reversal likely would face stiff resistance from American businesses that have begun to invest in the island. Commercial flights to Havana resumed on Monday after flights to other cities began in September. Starwood, now owned by Marriott International, began operating a hotel on the island earlier this year, and AirBnB has thousands of listings there. Other American companies are expected to make announcements in the coming weeks, though Mr. Castro’s death could affect those. Supporters of Mr. Obama’s Cuba policy have said that some Republican opponents had said they couldn’t support a change so long as Mr. Castro was alive. Some also were loath to support a policy initiative championed by the president. Backers of normalized ties have been hoping that a new administration and Mr. Castro’s death could create a different dynamic. “It’s a big opportunity,” said James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, an advocacy group lobbying for the end of the embargo.