Castro's Death Could Open More Business Doors in Houston

Houston Chronicle 

By: Ileana Najarro

Jonathan Newton, managing partner at the Houston office of Baker & McKenzie, said little may change by the end of the year regarding political and trade relations between the two countries. He added that a good predictor for how the Trump administration will handle dealings with Cuba will be Trump's appointments for secretaries of state, commerce and treasury, the latter of whom will oversee the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Newton said that while the office under Obama has been rather liberal in approving licenses for business in Cuba related to the tourism and travel sectors, that could end with a Trump administration. He said he wouldn't be surprised if some U.S. business use the next several weeks to push to get their license applications through. Officials at Engage Cuba, a bipartisan Washington, D.C., group lobbying to lift the trade embargo, expressed confidence Trump would end the policy.