Engage Cuba Welcomes Obama's Decision on Cuba

Prensa Latina

The US organization Engage Cuba welcomed today the decision of President Barack Obama to remove some restrictions that modify sanctions against Cuba, while maintaining the main body of the economic, commercial and financial blockade. According to a statement, the organization addressed the actions of the US departments of Treasury and Commerce to modify the Cuban Assets Control Regulations and export laws, which will expand significantly the access to the island through educational trips and safer trade policies.

James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, said that this new step looks like a historical change and accelerates the process towards a full normalization of relations, that is now almost inevitable with the removal of major obstacles.

He said that now it was up to Congress to do its work and support the wishes of the majority of the American people to end the ban on trade and travel to Cuba, which according to the regulation violates constitutional rights of Americans.

According to The Hill newspaper, the policy changes make it easier for Americans to visit Cuba and eliminate barriers to using US dollars in Cuban financial transactions.