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Below is a sample letter you can send to your senator or representative.


The Honorable [Name]
[DC Address]


Dear Senator/Representative ____,

As your constituent, I am writing to urge your support for bipartisan bills currently in Congress, the Agricultural Export Expansion Act [SENATE]/Cuba Agricultural Exports Act [HOUSE] (HR. 1898), the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act, and the Freedom to Export to Cuba Act (S. 428)/Cuba Trade Act [HOUSE]. These bills would remove some of the restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba that are adversely affecting businesses in our state and limiting our freedom as citizens.

For too long, our policy of isolation has placed American farmers, workers, and companies at a competitive disadvantage in Cuba. American farmers and businesses should have the chance to fully and openly compete in a market of 11 million people just 90 miles away. Cuba imports most of its food, representing an opportunity to expand American agribusiness. But until the U.S. lifts the embargo, Cuba will import its food from U.S. competitors.

Further, the U.S. embargo on Cuba has failed to accomplish its intended goals and has instead stifled Cuba's economy and private sector growth.  In the wake of the Obama Administration's regulatory changes toward Cuba, we have already seen tremendous progress in entrepreneurship and freedom of information. Congress should build upon this momentum, not stand in the way of it.

[Insert personal story if applicable.]

The Agricultural Export Expansion Act (Senate)/Cuba Agricultural Exports Act (House) would help level the playing field for U.S. farmers and producers by removing restrictions on financing agricultural exports to Cuba. American exporters cannot currently offer credit to Cuban buyers, forcing them to purchase our commodities in cash.

The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act would repeal the restrictions on traveling to Cuba for tourist purposes. U.S. airlines have reinstated direct commercial flights to Cuba, but Americans are still prohibited from taking them unless they meet one of 12 approved justifications for travel.

The Freedom to Export to Cuba Act would effectively end the embargo by permitting private-sector industries in the U.S. to export their products to Cuba.

Please consider standing with the majority of Americans in supporting an end to the U.S. embargo. Thank you for your time.





Below is a sample script you can use to call your senator or representative.

Hello, my name is ___, and I live in district/state ___. I'm calling to urge Senator/Representative ___ to support lifting the travel and trade embargo on Cuba.

I am very concerned that the current restrictions on travel and trade are harming businesses in our state and have failed to improve the lives of the Cuban people.

[Include personal connection/story here if applicable.]

The majority of Americans from both parties, including Cuban Americans, support lifting the embargo. As a national representative, I urge you to vote with the majority of your constituents in ending almost 60 years of failed policy.

There are two bipartisan bills in Congress, the Cuba Agricultural Exports Act and the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act, that would remove some of the restrictions on tourist travel and agricultural exports. Another bipartisan bill, the Cuba Trade Act, would eliminate the embargo altogether. Please consider cosponsoring these bills.

Thank you very much for your time.  [You may be asked to provide your name and contact information again.]